Our Commitment to you :

Our puppies are living among the usual hustle and bustle of a busy family home.  They are given undivided love and attention by our whole family! When age and weather appropriate we introduce them to an outside area where they get to explore and become accustomed to noises and smells of the outside world.  
Submit an application and let us know which litter or litters interest you. 
        We will review your application and contact you via email or phone to ask any further questions we might have to ensure a good match can be made for you and a Hunterberry Hill Labradoodle puppy and/or let you know your application has been approved. 

Puppy Adoption fee is $3000.  Enjoy no sales tax in Oregon! 
Submit a $500 non refundable deposit to secure your spot on the Reservation List. Deposit is applied towards pet puppy purchase price of $3000.00.

When the puppies are born, you will receive a birth announcement.  First photo will be taken and sent out at 1 week old.   You will receive updates several times during their first 8 weeks and photos and video clips will be shared through our Instagram and Facebook pages.  

Puppies go for vet health check at 7 weeks of age. 

Your final payment of $2500.00  is due when your puppy is 5 weeks old. Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles reserves the right to release your spot on the reservation list if payment is not received on time. 

Puppy Selection Process: Puppy Matching
At 7 weeks of age after we have done a full assessment of the litter, we match puppies' with their families. Our evaluation of the puppies temperament in conjunction with the adoptive families' preferences stated in the applications, email correspondence and phone conversations are all taken into consideration. Puppy matching is the best way for us to ensure that your family will end up with the puppy you have been wanting, and is the reason we do not allow families to choose a puppy simply based on photos alone. Our puppies live with us in our home, which gives us insight into their individuality. We will always be honest with our families about what we see in the puppies to help ensure the best match! We use the Volhard method for temperament testing, as well as our own evaluations from living with these pups and our knowledge and experience from years of raising dogs/puppies.   

​Pick up date will be given once puppies are born and are usually when puppies are 8 weeks old. There will be ONE pick up day for each litter.  Pick up days are always on a weekday as we need to reserve weekends for family time.  We will strictly adhere to one weekday pick up day for each litter so if you are not willing to be committed to picking your puppy up on a weekday please do not secure a Reservation.  If we are shipping puppy to you that date may vary a bit due to flight availability or our flight nanny's schedule.   If you miss the scheduled pick up date there is a charge of $85 per day.  We are just not set up to have litters past the scheduled pick up day. We appreciate your respect and understanding for this policy. 

Our Adoption Process :
Visitation Policy 
Your Hunterberry Hill puppy will come with : 
As a health precaution we are not open to the general public for visits.  
This is to protect our property and dogs  from disease that may come in on someones hands, clothing, or shoes.  
Here at Hunterberry Hill the health and safety of our adult dogs and puppies is of utmost importance.  
We always look forward to meeting our puppies new forever families!   Visiting your puppy can be arranged after the first vaccination has been given to the puppies at 7 weeks of age. 
We know how excited you all are to meet your new puppy and really appreciate your patience and understanding! 
Reproduction of material or photos is prohibited. 
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2 Year genetic health guarantee 
Veterinary health check 
Microchip identification 
ALAA registration for Australian Labradoodles 
Puppy health record 
Age appropriate worming treatments 
Initial puppy vaccinations 
Introduction to potty training using a clean environment and use of a litter box starting 4 weeks of age, and introduction to crate training. 
Starter supply of puppy’s current food 
Hunterberry Hill Puppy Kit includes: Personalized binder with puppy records and helpful puppy care information, collar, leash, puppy blanket and two quality toys  
A lifetime of support for the life of your pet! 
All of our breeding dogs live in a loving forever home, not a kennel.  Our breeding dogs live in Guardian Homes where they receive individualized love and attention during their breeding careers.  When the dog is retired from breeding the dog remains in it's Guardian Home and ownership is turned over to the Guardians at time of spay or neuter.  

Our Home 

All of our breeding dogs will be of good health and temperament. 

All of our breeding dogs and puppies receive high quality food, water, and routine medical care and are housed in a clean and loving environment indoors. 

All of our breeding dogs will be health tested according to the recommendations and guidelines of the ALAA Silver and/or Gold Paw standards. 

Both parents will have a minimum of : 

​Hip Clearance by Penn Hip, OFA, or Dr. Wallace 
OFA Elbow Clearance 
Eye exam by an Opthomologist certified by CERF
PRA testing or cleared via parentage 

Most of our breeding dogs will also have additional health tests completed, such as :

Exercise Induced Collapse 
Improper Coat 
Degenerative Myelopathy 

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home with loving care. We take the time with each puppy from day 3-16 after birth to expose them to early neurological stimulation through using the Bio Sensor Method. This has been found to enhance the puppy's trainability and it's ability to bounce back from negative stressors. 

Shipping/Transport Options:
In regards to shipping, there are a few options as follows:
1.) PetSafe cargo shipping - flat fee of $450. We trust that this is a very safe option for our puppies, or we would not offer this as an option. We have shipped puppies nationwide and have never had any issues or concerns. However, we prefer to only use this option when a direct (nonstop) flight is available. We are happy to make all the flight arrangement and will ensure your puppy has everything necessary to make the flight. 
2.) We can hire a puppy nanny to fly on the plane with your puppy and deliver him/her to your nearest airport. The cost varies depending on the destination. Please inquire for details.
3.) The third option is for you or a family member to fly to Portland International airport to pick up your pup. We can meet you at the airport with your puppy and the necessary supplies for travel (health certificate, puppy supplies, and puppy travel carrier) and then the puppy can travel home with you on the plane. The cost for this option including supplies is $150. Please be aware that there is typically a fee for carry-on pets ~$100. You must notify the airline about your intention to bring a pet on board to confirm availability. This option works best with Alaska Airlines.
Options 2 and 3 are usually less stressful for the puppy, as they can be accompanied by a person during travel, and they are not all alone.