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We hope to share the joy of owning a wonderful Australian Labradoodle, from our home to yours. 
 We are sure you, too, will Love life with a Labradoodle! 
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As a current and active breeder member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA), I adhere to the breeder rules and code of ethics and standards of this organization which was founded to promote and protect the future of the Australian Labradoodle breed.  All of my adult dogs and puppies have their pedigrees registered with the ALAA. 
A Proud Member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America
My Dog Breeders
Welcome to Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles! Dogs have always been a treasured part of our family and everyday life! After experiencing twelve cherished years with our Labrador Retriever, Barnard, and fourteen years with our beloved Standard Poodle, Ellie, it seemed a natural choice to look into the labradoodle as our next family companion. We began researching the labradoodle, hoping that we may indeed be able to find the perfect blend of the best qualities of both breeds. We found that the breeding of Australian multi-generational labradoodles is what brings unparalleled consistency in producing the ideal family companion. Soon thereafter, our first Australian Labradoodle, Boon, joined our family. It was love right from the start, and he continues to brighten our everyday with his joyful, loving self!

Our passion and excitement for this very special breed has inspired us to become a breeder of quality, genuine Australian Labradoodles here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are not a kennel or facility; guardian homes allow our breeding dogs to live with a family in their forever homes. All of our sweet puppies are raised here in our home, with our family, where they are socialized and given an abundance of love!  

We specialize in puppies with exceptional health and temperament and a luxurious asthma/allergy friendly coat. Each of our breeding dogs undergo extensive health testing to ensure our puppies are the healthiest and happiest they can be! We have sought out some of the best proven therapy bloodlines in order to provide you with an intelligent, gentle, fun loving companion for life. 
                        Currently seeking Guardian Homes! 
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Proudly using Avidog puppy rearing and training techniques
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